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Time is money, right?
Don't waste it on a Signature!








Processing Equipment

Of course, no solution would be complete without the devices needed to process your customers' cards. Merchants Bankcard Systems of America provides a complete line of processing equipment to fulfill your needs. Find out more about our processing equipment here.

  Quick Serve/Small Ticket

Retailers with average tickets now have a better choice for payment other than “Cash Only”. Both MasterCard and Visa have programs aimed at these industries where the speed and convenience of the transaction are critical to the sale. Basically, a credit card can be accepted anywhere that a line would form to issue payment directly to a cashier, but without a signature requirement. The average time to process a no signature credit transaction is 7 seconds—very few cashiers can make change that quickly.

Fast food restaurants now account for nearly 40% of the $330 billion in restaurant volume and most will dramatically increase their volume, along with their average ticket, by adding credit acceptance to their menu!



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QSR Program Benefits


Increase of 25-30% in average tickets vs cash


Defend against competition


Attract new customer segments (non-cash consumers)


Added customer convenience


Improved transaction speed--faster than cash


Drive-thru solution


Credit/debit acceptance builds a platform for future gift card acceptance


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