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   Recurring ACH Debit Program

This service is tailored for merchants like health clubs, tanning salons, insurance companies, day care facilities, internet service providers, self storage companies, mail box rental companies and more. With Recurring Debit Service, here’s how easy it can be:


Get written authorization at the beginning of the contract.


Enter the customer into your Recurring Debit Service.


A recurring payment amount is debited from your customer’s bank account each month, on the same day.


Five days later, it is deposited into your merchant account.


Your Accounting Department is relieved from invoicing & making trips to the bank to deposit checks.


You can input & manage transactions right on the web.

After the initial set-up is complete, the system is on "Auto Pilot". Recurring transactions will be initiated automatically.  This will eliminate banking fees, paper check handling risks and added administrative time for you. With the 24x7 access, you can easily manage your account and pull detailed reporting at any time.


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