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Conducting business on the internet is the single, fastest way to expand your market share.

Merchant Financial Services is the partner you need to safely accept credit cards and electronic checks over the internet. Whether you have a fully functional website with shopping cart integration or just want to use the internet as your Payment Gateways Virtual Terminal, partnering with a progressive merchant service & virtual terminals provider like Merchant Financial Services will keep you abreast of new developments and technologies.



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Payment gateways

Payment Gateways
A Payment Gateway allows you to fully integrate your website for automated credit and check acceptance on the internet. With the use of a shopping cart, your website can process and authorize then capture and confirm selection, payment and shipping information.

Virtual Terminals
A Payment Gateway is also an inexpensive solution to your virtual terminal needs if you don’t have an interactive website. It can be accessed from any computer terminal with internet access and has the capability of being used by more than one operator at a time.  All transactions are verified by email.

Virtual Terminal

Key Features of Our Payment Gateway
Accept a Variety of Payments – All major credit cards, electronic checks, gift and loyalty cards, signature debits, and Internet auctions.
Manage Your Transactions – Use our full-featured Merchant Interface to monitor and control payments through your Web site.
Prevent Fraud – dentify suspicious transactions with our value-adding products and built-in fraud tools.
Risk Management – Sensitive data is stored on the Payment Gateway PCI-compliant data center, never on your computer.
Receive Payments Quickly – Your funds are automatically deposited into your merchant bank account within days.
Service is Our Middle Name – We provides live technical and account support to merchants seven days a week, as well as access to online documentation and user guides.

PC Charge


Software, like PC Charge, turns a PC into a virtual credit card terminal. Adding a “Mini Wedge” to swipe the credit cards yields rates that are comparable to a terminal. Each computer must be licensed separately, but the absence of a monthly gateway fee makes PC Charge an economical choice for many merchants. Both the Payment Gateway and PC Charge can be used for recurring billing and for acceptance of electronic checks.



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