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No Maintenance Fees


No Customer Service Fees


No Paper or Ribbon Fees

Our Visa® & MasterCard® Processing Solutions

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America provides the right equipment and the right services for your specific processing needs. We know that not all merchants are the same. A sole proprietor selling crafts at the flea market might only need an imprinter and a telephone, or they might need a wireless machine for a remote location. On the other hand, a large retail chain may need several terminals communicating with each other, or they may need a complete merchant processing solution. 


No Maintenance Fees


No Customer Service Fees


No Paper or Ribbon Fees


24 Hour Account Funding


Lifetime Equipment Replacement Warranty*

* Please refer to Terms & Conditions for program requirements and restrictions.


Processing Equipment

Of course, no solution would be complete without the devices needed to process your customers' cards. Merchants Bankcard Systems of America provides a complete line of processing equipment to fulfill your needs. Find out more about our processing equipment here.


An auto dealership, wholesale manufacturer, chain of restaurants, doctor’s office, air conditioning repairman, day care facility, or internet company all have very specific needs.

It takes a company like Merchants Bankcard Systems of America to fill the needs of all these different types of businesses, equally well. There is one thing that all of these businesses have in common. They recognize the need to offer credit card services to their customers, but they cannot afford downtime. From the smallest shop, to the largest chain merchant, no business in today’s marketplace can afford to be without merchant processing services, even for a day or two.

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America has around-the-clock technical help available for its merchants. Whether they experience a terminal breakdown or need to reload paper, they can always reach assistance via our toll-free help desk, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Interchange Performance

The Associations (Visa & MasterCard) issue their rates to banks on a regular basis. These “rates” are known as Interchange.  The way a transaction “clears” Interchange affects the cost of accepting that credit card for payment. If a transaction does not clear Interchange as anticipated, it can easily end up costing the merchant twice as much. We can counsel you on how to optimize the way you accept credit card transactions to keep your costs low.

We look at your business as the unique entity it is, and will always make sure that you understand the reasononing for our recommendations. With a little careful planning, we can optimize your choices and minimize your costs.



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