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Visa® & MasterCard® Processing

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America offers the right equipment and the right services for your specific processing needs. We realize that not every merchant is the same. A sole proprietor selling crafts at the flea market might only need an imprinter and a telephone, or they might need a wireless machine for a remote location. On the other hand, a large retail chain may need several terminals communicating with each other, or they may need a complete merchant processing solution. Find out how our credit card processing solutions can help you.

Electronic Check Processing

Don't be afraid of accepting checks anymore. With our Convert-A-Check service, you allow customers the convenience of writing a check while you get the speed and security of an electronic payment. On average, your funds will be available within 2-3 business days, without running any checks to the bank. Stop paying for returned checks and check fraud today with Convert-A-Check.  Find out how our Convert-A-Check can help you.



Recurring Transactions

Merchants can automatically debit their customers' checking account on a regular basis. This service is tailored for merchants like health clubs, tanning salons, insurance companies, internet service providers, day care companies, self storage companies, mail box rental companies and more. Find out how our Recurring Credit & Debit Processing can help you.

We're a Full-Service Provider.

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America provides full-service electronic processing to merchants nationwide. We provide our customers with quick authorizations, low interchange rates, low processing costs, reduced fraud and chargebacks, as well as improved cash flow and increased profitability. Our systems are competitively priced and can be used independently or in conjunction with your system. We provide authorizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer easy-to-use dial-up terminals and PC-based credit card products for retail, mail order/telephone order and internet businesses.



Processing Solutions Benefits Packages


Merchants Bankcard Systems of America provides benefits packages for merchants interested in a more complete service solution while saving money. Find out more about our solutions benefits packages.


At Merchants Bankcard Systems of America, we know that accepting credit cards in a doctor's office is different than in a restaurant.  We also know that it is equally important for a traveling sales or service person to have a convenient way to accept payment.


The World Wide Market
eProcessing & Virtual Terminals

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America is the eCommerce partner you need to safely accept credit cards and electronic checks over the internet. Whether you have a fully functional website with shopping cart integration or just want to use the internet as your virtual terminal, partnering with a progressive merchant service provider like Merchants Bankcard Systems of America will keep you abreast of new developments and technologies. Find out how this eProcessing software can help you.

No Signature Required

Special Interchange Programs

Retailers with small or average tickets now have a better choice for payment other than "Cash Only". Both MasterCard® and Visa® have programs aimed at these industries where the speed and convenience of the transaction are critical to the sale. The average time to process a no signature credit transaction is 7 seconds--very few cashiers can make change that quickly.


Our Services Don't Stop with Standard Payment Methods, We Also Have Programs to Accept:




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