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Agent Bank Packages

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America offers a turnkey Agent Bank Package to banks of all sizes.
Let us alleviate your bank of the liability associated with merchant accounts, as well as the installation and maintenance of credit card equipment. Plus, you'll be supported by
our ongoing customer service on merchant accounts, which is second to none.

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America is a nationwide full service processor of Visa® and Mastercard®. For a more efficient and profitable way to do business, contact Merchants Bankcard Systems of America to create an AGENT BANK ALLIANCE.

Pass-Through Interchange  


Takes the mystery out of Credit Card Rates and eliminates downgrade penalties.


With our rate structures, we simplify the process of setting up merchant accounts.  We believe in full disclosure with all of our clients:  our Merchants, our Sales Representatives and our Agent Banks.  At Merchants Bankcard Systems of America, everyone profits from the "Nifty Systems" that have become a Hallmark of the electronic payment industry.


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Multiple Revenue Streams
Any line item that Merchants Bankcard Systems of America makes money on, you have the potential to make money on as well. This means you can tailor a proposal to beat the competition, and still make the money you want.Building a portfolio with diversified merchants each accepting multiple services will yield a profit-building machine.


Some of the Revenue Streams You Can Take Advantage of:

  • Transactional Based Revenue
  • Interchange Revenue
  • Statement Fee Revenue
  • Equipment Revenue
  • Benefits Package Revenue
  • eCommerce Revenue
  • Wireless Service Revenue
  • ECC Check Revenue
  • Gift & Loyalty Card Revenue
  • T & E Card Revenue
  • ATM Debit Transactional


Zero Liability Means
Total Satisfaction

Merchants Bankcard Systems of America assumes all processing liability on approved merchants
Our staff is geared toward activating merchant accounts quickly and efficiently
Make your staff more productive by eliminating the duties dealing with approving and opening merchant accounts, programming credit card machines and dealing with customer service issues
With shared income from all revenue streams, your agent bank program will reap real profits
Merchants Bankcard System of America Agent Bank division moves at the speed of business, which is accelerating constantly. Our instant
decisioning tool on merchant applications provides approvals for most merchant accounts within a few seconds of filling out the application
We have a simple conversion procedure for any existing merchants you may be servicing
Customer Service & Technical Assistance is available for your merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
We offer competitive rates with flexible pricing on all services.

For information, call 800-766-8990 or email us at


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Merchants Bankcard Systems of America is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha.
American Express requires separate approval.